'Wish You Were Here' calendar 'Wish You Were Here' calendar AEON magazine Nobrow 8 'Hysteria' Booklet for Ferris University 'T for Typewriter' personal piece 'Confidence' personal piece Customised stamp for BUILDING 'Paper crane bomber' personal piece 'Escalator' 'Smart Baby' 'Airport Runaway' 'Tour of Britain' 1/2 'Tour of Britain' 2/2 'Romantic Fiction' The Independent 'T-me vol.2' Teikyo Uni. Hospital 'T-me vol.3' Teikyo Uni. Hospital 'Christmas Stamps' personal piece 'Post Day Stamp' personal piece 'Nature's Circle' personal piece 'Ground Cherry Market' 'Decorate With Plants' Real Simple 'Kitchen Tools' 'Vegetables in Britain' 'Bama Lohas Cafe' 'House Sharing' Sotokoto