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シ 'Tokyo map' is available as A1 and A2 size prints from Viction:ary

シ 'Kamakura map' print is available from: Imagekind

Other images on this website can be purchased as an A3 Giclee print on request. Please email me for availability.

// Book //

シ 'CITIx60 City Guides Tokyo' is available from Vction:ary, or maybe from your local bookshops, or Amazon.

シ 'Heartful Words', a quote book on love and marriage. Available from: Amazon.co.jp

シ 'A Map of the World - The World According to Illustrators and Storytellers', is available from: Gestalten

シ 'Seed Keeper - Organize, Record, and Store', is available from: Chronicle Books or might be found at Amazon in your country.

シ 'The Rooftop Beekeeper' is available from Chronicle Books or from other bookshops.

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シ 'Letterpressed Notebooks', and 'Letterpressed Notecards' are available from each link, or maybe from your local shops, or Amazon.